Best Security Applications

Firewall and antivirus are two important applications that you must install on your computer or virtual private server to ensure that you are well-protected from possible exploitations coming from hackers, and virus that you can acquire just by browsing a website. A firewall will serve as your first line of defense that checks the traffic coming to and from your computer while an antivirus thoroughly checks the software on your computer to ensure that you do not have any malicious contents within that can attack you without your knowledge.

There are free and paid firewalls and antivirus that can be downloaded on the internet to help you ensure that you are safe at all times. You can also upgrade the security by installing Iptables. Click here for a great IP table tutorial. We have consolidated the best security applications that you can install on your computer to avoid the aforementioned mishaps.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2015


A firewall and antivirus offered to users that efficiently ensure that you only go through legitimate traffics at all times. They also offer a parental security for Windows 8 users that allows you to manage all the websites that can be browsed on your child’s computer – blocking any malicious websites and anything harmful to ensure that they are protected while using the internet. It also has an accurate phishing protection, therefore, you are guaranteed that important information, such as your name, email and financial accounts will not be accessed by hackers. They continuously update their system to ensure that they can provide you the best protection possible for a small amount of money. The ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2015 is offered for as low as $89.95 with 3 licenses, while the PRO Antivirus + Firewall 2015 has  a direct price per year of $69.95 with multiple licenses – such good deals given the fact that it is packed with enormous benefits and protections that match your needs and preferences.

Bitdefender Total Security 2015


If you are looking for an antivirus that includes firewall, antispam, parental control, backup and tune-up, then here’s a perfect security application for you – the Bitdefender Total Security’s 2015 version. This award-winning antivirus has gained its popularity because it maintains its unsurpassable services that adhere to the clients’ needs – to be protected from viruses and hackers 24/7. It is also offered at reasonable rates. If you want a single license, you can get it for $69.95 and if you own several computers, you can get it for $89.95, wherein 3 licenses are included. Certainly, with all the included features and affordable plans per you, Bitdefender Total Security still maintains its position as part of the best security applications available in the internet these days.

How do you know if your computer has been hacked? it is so hard to know if your system has been infected with viruses or if hackers are executing exploitations. It is best to be protected by having antivirus and firewall so that your internet browsing activities will not put you in danger.

Essential Skills of a Mobile Developer

Mobile development becomes more and more common in today’s world as people are starting to have access to internet and web services using a smart phone. This attracted businesses to invest in the mobile development world to attract more users and gather more sales. In addition to that, mobile advertisements seem to pay higher for publishers. In-app mobile advertisements are also on the rise, making developers earn more money.

In addition to that, online businesses can gather more targeted customers and get higher sales. They can also reach more people are many individuals uses mobile devices to browse the internet on a regular basis. That’s why mobile development booms.

With that in mind, what if you want to become a mobile developer? There are certain essential skills needed.

Cross Platform Skills

As the mobile makret develops, so does the fracture of mobile clients across mobile operating systems. Developing an application for only one OS will remove a tremendous client base, so cutting edge developers need to have cross-platform skills when they start coding. Fortunately, there are numerous cross-platform development engines appearing across the web, which are intended to help mobile application developers with porting their applications across different mobile operating systems.

Basic HTML and CSS

Nothing is as present in the developer scene as web technologies. Practically every platform can render web content and HTML has turn into an accepted method for abstracting format ideas for some technologies. Regardless of the fact that you don’t do web development, having a comprehension of HTML and CSS will greatly improve you.

Programming Languages

This point is really clear yet it’s still worth calling attention to, a key aptitude that employers search for in their mobile app developer hopefuls is a firm knowledge of and experience of modern programming languages.

Experience and skill with front-end development and a decent comprehension of modern programming languages like PHP, Java, HTML5 and C#, and any semblance of Adobe Flash Lite, Python and Objective C is truly essential to employers, and having background of working with more than one of these languages will stand you in great stead concerning applying for these roles.

Have a Good Knowledge of Git

I understand that Git is more pervasive in some development groups over others, yet Git is more than only a VCS (version control system). Due to its efficiencies in branching, it empowers an exceptionally compelling new flow that can be utilized by both individuals and groups.

A Degree of Some Sort

While an academic capability is not generally obliged regarding the matter of mobile application development jobs, we’ve surely seen more bosses requesting some kind of computing or computer science capability in their job descriptions.

Essential Skills of a Web Developer

Nowadays, Web Development is a very popular trend. This very popular trend became a haven for career opportunities. Many freelancing websites like and have a lot of freelancing job for web developers. In addition to that, local companies are looking for web developers to develop, maintain and/or improve their company’s websites. Furthermore, there are a lot of businesses and individuals who wants to get presence online.

However, learning web development can be a bit tricky. For a novice, it’s easy to get lost on the way and stop improving your skills. One of the reasons why this happens is because there are many skills and specializations in the world of web design. Trying to figure out what to learn first can be frustrating and many gave up even before getting their feet wet.

To help you get started, I’ll tell you the required skills necessary to become a web developer. They are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Seems a lot right? You don’t need to learn all of them. Foundations are enough, but choose a combination of skills to master.


This is mostly use for design and presentation. Learning these are fundamental skills needed to become a professional web designer, web developer or web programmer. This is required to create an interface for your audience, or if you are from software programming background, it creates the “user interface”. This will be the one you’ll want to focus or master if you plan to become a “web designer”.


This is an essential language to learn if you want to create front-end web apps and scripts. It’s also used to check forms, generate HTML and CSS, change web page behavior and give interactivity to your websites. It goes hand-in-hand with HTML and CSS and when used together, you can generate a beautiful website with interactivity. Learn JavaScript along with HTML and CSS if you want to become a “front-end web developer”.


This is more of a programming language of the web. These two are much different from HTML and CSS and resembles a bit like JavaScript. PHP is a server side scripting language that can be used to create web applications like content management systems, online image gallery, online file manager, or even an online game server. WordPress is a prime example of a content management system that uses PHP and MySQL. If you want to develop web applications, intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript plus in-depth expertise of PHP and MySQL is required.


Combination of these web languages can help you create a powerful website. However, choosing a couple of them can help you focus and learn them faster.